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Product Brief

The Am5x86™ Microprocessor

Am5x86 chip

Performance is Everything

Today performance is everything when it comes to selecting a PC. Advanced Micro Device's new Am5x86™ microprocessor delivers affordable 586 performance while using 4th generation system designs. Am5x86 microprocessors provide greater performance than Pentium-75 at a better value, with complete x86 software compatibility. Ideal for entry-level 586 desktop and mainstream 586 portable PCs, AMD's Am5x86 processor is the right choice now.

586 Performance

The Am5x86 processor incorporates advanced features to achieve 586 performance. The Am5x86 CPU runs clock quadrupled at 133-MHz with a 33-MHz external bus--ideal for the latest PCI peripherals. High-performance features such as a unified 16-Kbyte (K) cache using write back technology minimize the time the x86 core must spend waiting for data or instructions, thereby accelerating all business and multimedia applications.

Exceptional Price-Performance

AMD's state-of-the-art 0.35-micron process technology enables AMD to deliver superior value with the Am5x86 processor. In addition, the design and pinout of the Am5x86 processor leverage off 4th generation system costs, allowing manufacturers to position Am5x86 CPU-based systems as the best value for entry-level desktops or mainstream notebooks.

100% Compatible

AMD has a long history of supplying x86-compatible processors, having supplied over 75 million PC processors to date. The Am5x86 processor builds on this foundation by delivering full compatibility with the extensive library of x86 software, including Microsoft® Windows®, DOS, OS/2 Warp, Novell® NetWare®, UNIX software, Windows NT™ , and all the latest multimedia and business applications. Designed for Windows95, the Am5x86 processor provides complete x86 software compatibility, today and in the future.



Perfect for Portables

The Am5x86 processor delivers 586 performance with minimal power. The integrated on-chip power management, combined with AMD's advances in manufacturing capabilities, provide the Am5x86 processor with lower power consumption than either the Pentium-75 or the iDX4-100. For portable systems, this means longer battery life, lower temperatures, and increased reliability. The Am5x86 processor uses less power and runs cooler without sacrificing performance.

Affordable 586 Performance for PC Manufacturers, Resellers, and PC Users

PC manufacturers and resellers benefit by having a superior entry-level 586-class processor alternative. The Am5x86 CPU delivers better performance than a Pentium-75 and does it at a lower system cost. The 4th generation socket-compatible design of the Am5x86 processor makes it a drop-in solution for value-based 586 PCs. AMD's increased manufacturing capability gives PC makers high volumes and excellent availability of the Am5x86 CPU starting in the first quarter of 1996.

The Am5x86 CPU benefits PC users by delivering PCs with affordable 586 performance. Portables using the Am5x86 CPU will provide high performance with longer battery life and better reliability than the Pentium-75. This is attributed to the Am5x86 CPU's power management and lower power usage. The Am5x86 CPU delivers complete compatibility with all x86 operating systems, network and application software, making it the right choice for value-oriented 586 PCs.

Comparative Benchmarks

Winstone 96
Winstone95 7.5% Higher
WinBench 96 CPUmark16
WinBench 96 CPUmark 16 3.6% Higher
WinBench 96 CPUmark32
WinBench 96 CPUmark 16 8.6% Higher

Benchmark configuration:

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